Sunday, July 26, 2015

WIW ~ What I watched This Week

Well, this week was a little slow again in the TV world to be honest. I just haven't put a whole lot of effort into watching it lately. I am actually finding it much easier to watch a bunch of YouTube video's unfortunately.

We are so incredibly close to the end of Friends, and you can totally tell. It's starting to get very mundane and dragged out. They are really reaching for good story lines at this point. We are now onto the second last season, and with the heat like it is, we will probably be watching through it a lot quicker. Don't really feel like doing much when you live in a sauna!

This is a Disney show...still can't believe it, but it is. My husband has been kinda binge watching this, and demanded I at least try an episode. How can I really say no, when it has the voice actress from Bob's Burgers that plays Louis!? The first episode was cute, and funny. We shall see IF I continue watching it!

So again, we go with the question folks! What did you watch this week?