Monday, June 22, 2015

My First Cosplay Experience

I was sitting at facebook one day, scrolling through my news feed and looking at all the pictures popping up from all the various different Con's going on. So many people had such amazing and wonderful cosplays and it got me to thinking...I don't think I have ever seen anyone post a first attempt cosplay.

So it got me thinking. "self" I said "why don't you show people your first cosplay?"..So here it is. It was a bit last minute and I most certainly can do WAY better. But you know what. The only thing I paid for was the mask I used under the mask as a template (bought from the dollar store), and everything else I used from things that we already had laying around.

I'll be completely honest. I wasn't nervous at all. Not like I thought I was going to be! I was a bit uncomfortable wen we got there, but that's because every Con seems to forget to crank the AC on there busiest days. So having a sweater and then another cotton wrap over top of it, wasn't exactly that easy to handle. But other than that, I got to have a lot of fun and I got to talk to people I normally more than likely wouldn't even make eye contact with. I honestly feel like dressing up makes me kind of anonymous. No one knows who you are, but everyone knows who you are trying to be! As a introvert this was such a great feeling. To know I could be someone I have always wanted to be, and not be judged for it is so amazing.

I strongly recommend cosplaying anytime you want! Play dress up...whether it's at home, a con, or movie premier. It doesn't matter. Just do it!