Friday, May 22, 2015

WIW ~ What I'm Watching This Week

Hey guys, This week has been so incredibly busy for me/us with just a few weeks left till Niagara Falls Comic Con. I still have so much sewing and prep work for our cosplay's....It's honestly insane! I'm sure some of you will know the feeling.

Even though we have been incredibly busy, I was still able to get a fair amount of TV time in! We're continuing with friends, and I have restarted this season of Criminal Minds. I'm also still watching She-Ra, and 2 Broke Girls. We FINALLY finished off DareDevil (WOW O WOW, WOW, WOW)

I have so many shows I just haven't beeen able to watch this season, and now is the time where I am attempting to catch up with all of them. That is my current goal (YES. I have a goal for television watching)

I find it quite amusing that even though this show is an extreme version of sarcastic comedy, they still find a way to open up the minds of the audience to think a little bit about things. This weeks episode (WOOHOO I can say that about 1 show so far) rcame as a reminder that they stopped doing the one thing they loved most. The cupcake shop. We also can't forget Sophie and Oleg's wedding as well. That was interesting too...

I just started this season over again. I think at the beginning I got 3 episodes in maybe!? Then things got busy, and I had no time for anything but work for a while. Well now I'm back, and the show is always catching my attention. I love how raw and straight forward it is. It shows a lot of emotions that many other crime shows wont even dabble in. Penelope Garcia is probably my most favourite crime show character. She lands in a tie with Abby Sciuto.

We FINALLY finished up DareDevil this week, and it was so perfect in it's ending. It definitely makes me happy that it's coming back for a second season. I need to know what happens to Fisk. He's practically annihilated his whole "team".

We are now into season 4, and almost half way through it at that. Now that we are watching 2 episodes a night instead of 1, it's going by quite quickly. We already passed that classic episode where Rachel and Monica teach Chandler " the zones"

I didn't get to watch a whole lot of She-RA this week which is unfortunate, but I did get to watch a couple of episodes. It's funny how watching an old cartoon can bring up so many memories.

What did you watch this week!? Anything good? Let me know in the comments below.