Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What I'm Watching THIS Week ~ The LAST Week Edition

*Ok so Sunday kinda got away from me with it being Mother's Day and all. My apologies for that!*

This past week I didn't really have much time to watch anything extra per-say, I'm not quite done DareDevil (I know, I know. Shame on me! Everyone else has all seen it, including my husband which is re watching it WITH me. It's THAT GOOD!). We are also still moving our way through friends as well.

I guess my only guilty pleasure this week was watching/catching up on 2 Broke Girls and a mini series on Netflix called Chefs Table.

We watched episodes 7 - 10 I believe this week, The plot thickened, we saw Murdocks mentor come into the picture, got his back story on how they met and how they trained. We saw Murdock and Fisk interact a couple of times. The tension was as thick as molasses. Especially after Fisk has someone the team (Karen Page, Foggy,and Murdock) cares about killed, just to get Murdock (Daredevil....although he has yet to be given the name) "cornered". Each episode has so many twists and turns. I don't think I have ever been this intrigued with a series. Although it doesn't help that I have always loved Vincent D'onofrio in practically everything I have ever seen him in. He makes me wish Wilson Fisk was a real person.

We watched almost ALL of season 3 this week! A couple of episodes every night it seems. We saw Chandler try to quite smoking again after he starts due to the stress of Ross and Rachel breaking up (you know the reminder of how his parents went through that ugly separation and divorce.) Loving seeing Rachel doing well at her new fashion job and the evolution of her personality because of it.  The best part of all though is the fact that FINALLY Chandler and Joey have the duck and chick! i loved that uniqueness when this show originally aired, so I was happy to see them back. Monica almost got back with Richard, then she saw how stupid it was and slides onto Pete a millionaire extraordinaire! I honestly at this point could care less about Monica's love life. Let's be honest with ourselves here! It was always about Ross and Rachel...at least till the end.

I had a chance to play catch up this week and watch 3 episodes I was behind on! The witty banter and straightforward insults that easily bring in whats happening in the news and with different celebrities, never gets old. Working 2 jobs yet again Max and Caroline are now working at a very prestigious Dessert Bar called the High where Max meets a hot young waiter starts fooling around with him (of course, cause it's Max Black!) gets him fired there, hired at the diner. Quickly gets bored with him and tries to call it quits only to have him dragged home by his Mommy because he's ONLY 18!!

I really enjoy this series that was put out by Netflix. It walks through the stories of some of the most brilliant chefs, and as someone who was once addict to the Food channel (hint to Netflix...you should get those shows!) I loved seeing the first episode, which was actually pretty long surprisingly. Although incredibly interesting and adorable at times, with Massimo Bottura and his wife talking about his restaurant's and how they both came to be. How he changed peoples opinions of Italian food in Italy itself. I'm really looking forward to the next moment I have to spare to watch the second episode!

That's all for this week! What did you get a chance to watch? Let me know in the comments below.