Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday: It's Time for Animaniacs!

Today I'm going to introduce a new weekly post called Throwback Thursday. This will give a little nostalgia for your week, and maybe give you enough feels so you  will wanna watch it this weekend.

If you watched Animaniacs as a kid. You know this was a morning cartoon that cannot be missed, every Saturday morning, at what now feels like the crack of dawn just to watch that show. Seeing Yakko Wakko and Dot's adventures (mixed with moral lessons of course), laughing at jokes we THOUGHT we understood, but of course we know now they have totally different means. This was a cartoon that you could (and still can) veg out to and forget all of your problems.

The simplistic nature of the show by far unmatched by any show you see today.Today shows try to hard! You have to be PC, you HAVE to have a lesson, watch your mouth...they know what you mean now days! Nothing is easy and simple anymore. That's why going back to Animaniac's is so great. You have Yakko and Wakko being typical boys that Dot is always following and taking care of/cleaning up after. Then there's Pinky and The Brain, who want to rule the universe (sorry, not sorry...I just had to there!), Slappy Squirrel and The Goodfeathers (definitely not PC enough these days!) and a few others here and there!

I'm definitely NOT ashamed to say I quite enjoy this show even to this day. In fact, for this blog I watched it all over again AND LOVED IT! I also watch it with my 9 month old nephew, and you can bet your bottom dollar I will watch it with my own kids one day as well!

So you tell me. What is your favourite memory of Animaniacs? Do you have a favourite character? What about episode? There's only like 90 to choose from!