Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday ~ IT - An American Classic

Do you remember your first horror movie? Do you remember where you were, who you were with and even so vividly as to what you were wearing?

Stephen Kings IT was the first horror movie I ever saw! I was about 8 maybe 9 years old, and my Dad let me stay up to watch it with him, my sister and her friend. My Mom stayed in her bedroom watching her own TV, she hates scary ANYTHING with a passion! I remember rushing to get ready for bed, so that we could all sit down and watch it. That's when I first met Pennywise, Oddly enough the best clown I have ever seen. So as we hunkered down to watch the movie, me in my PJ's right in front of the TV, my Dad in the next chair over, and my sister and her friend WAY at the back of the room on the couch (might I add, already under a blanket) we turned on Stephen King's IT. As the plot thickened and unrolled like a boiling pot of.... (insert whatever creeps you out most here.) I had never been more quiet, awake,creeped, freaked and excited as I was in those very moments. It captured the very essence of childhood fears...still to this day I'm edgy around clowns and have no idea why. So many of us have problems with them it seems. It's taken me a long while to embrace it, but lets be honest (and get back to the point) Pennywise was/IS/and always will be the best most scariest clown EVER!

Let me know in the comments below, what your first horror movie was!? Did it turn you on to loving horror movies? or did it scare you away!?