Sunday, May 3, 2015

Free comic book day

Saturday May 2nd was a very special day for me. I have been wanting to take part in Free Comic Book Day for a couple of years, and I have never had the opportunity. So this year I made the decision to go no matter what! and I did! and it was GLORIOUS!

I overheard a conversation between a couple of older gentleman behind my husband and I while waiting nearly two hours (yes you are reading that correctly!) to get into a comic book shop for the day. It really made me think on how times have changed. It used to be embarrassing to be a huge fan of anything other than sports and celebrities to me (and I think most people), hiding behind closed doors watching reruns of my favourite TNG episodes saying there was nothing else on. Now those who love all things nerdy and geeky have shown each other that it's ok to embrace it! The gentleman behind me were commenting on how many years ago they used to be able to just easily walk into the comic book shops on this day. No lines. No hassles. Now there is not only a  line (for this shop anyways), but one that goes completely down the street pretty much. Once we got the hang of it, it was only a matter of getting to the shops, and learning where they were. half were clustered in one area and the other half which was more newly established, was clustered in another area of the downtown core. So after a long LONG weekend, some pretty AWESOME deals and a FANTASTIC win! I wanna show you what "I" got! My husband Matt obviously got others that we also share, but this is MY loot, and I'm so incredibly happy with it!

This was the line up approximately twenty minutes after we got in it! You can't even see the comic book shop yet. It's WAY up there.

This was a line we waited in (although we still don't really know why there was a line there), silly us we wound up being in line at the wrong place! The place we wanted oddly enough didn't HAVE a line AT ALL!

This is the shop we waited nearly TWO WHOLE HOURS to get into! It was SOOO amazing. While waiting to get in, we got to see so many people!

This is a pretty awesome costume! I LOVE it so much. It has amazing detail work!

We saw so much awesome stuff. I wish we would have bought it all! LOL

This is EVERYTHING I got! Including the True Blood prize I won at Heroes! BEST.THING.EVER.!

Did you go out for free comic book day? If so I would love to hear what you got! Whether this was your first time or millionth time!?