Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review ~ Gotham episode 9: Harvey Dent

Welp.... This episode was interesting as we meet Harvey Dent, and quite a bit lackluster to be honest.
The episode revolves around Fish Mooney's continued secret plan to continually hurt Falcone. This time she's gonna hurt him in the money. Getting the remaining members of Nicholai's team to clear Falcone out. Using a very skilled Ian Hargrove, with whom they broke out of custody and are keeping against his will. They devise bombs to take out what is needed. Little do they know they are going to go BOOOMMM too! Another one of Fish's plans complete.
Some of the scenes I loved:
 Every scene with Edward Nigma or Oswald Cobblepot!...there creepy factor is PERFECT!
 The fact that they had a baddie ( Ian Hargrove ) with a heart.
 Watching Selena Kyle interacting with Bruce, and how it changed over the episode.
The best part of this episode was watching Harvey Dent loose it and scare the bejeezus  out of Lovecraft... Yet another A* you wanna see go!
Tell me what you thought of this weeks episode in the comments below!? Love it or hate it!?