Friday, October 3, 2014

September Monthly Life Favourites

This is going to be a new monthly post I will be doing, featuring some of my favourite products of the month. I've seen this done a TON on youtube, and although I don't make videos (YET). I still thought it would be fun to show you some of my favourite things from September.

So let's start out with the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cell phone. I have a LG Nexxus 4, and I am practically on it! Checking stuff, responding to emails, or just checking out Facebook or Instagram. Because of my phone having such a slippery surface to the back, I always need to have a case on it. Otherwise it could slide off my nightstand just by getting a notification. So this has been my go to  case ALL MONTH.

 To go with my wickedly AWESOME phone, some of my favourite apps this month have been:

Songza is a fantastical app/website that has great music, no matter what genre you like to listen too. They also have playlists devised for different things you could be doing. Such as driving, studying etc.


Wecal, is such an awesome calendar. I don't even know everything it's capable of yet. But it sure helps keep me organized. At least  a little more than before.


Pinterest I'm sure is known to most of us right!? This great site and app has caused witness to many great crafts, recipe's and how to's.


Do you remember Tamagotchi's? Well. This is pretty much the new version. Meet Pou. He's an alien that you get to feed, put down for naps and play with. He comes with level's and badges to acquire as well.


Admittedly I have trouble remembering to eat and drink my water during the day when I'm always busy. So Plant Nanny helps with that. I pick out Kawaii plants and they go through three stages of growth before you can put them outside and start collecting seeds off them, which help you buy more plants.

Plant Nanny

Of course I can't forget my work companion. Audible is AMAZING! I love to read, but I can never find the time. So having Audible is fantastic, I have found so many great books. Like Super Mario:How Nintendo Conquered America (yeah...I love ish like this :D )

For $14.95/month I get 1 credit towards a book of my choosing. I've saved up credits and been able to do there bogo sales and I've gotten some great books for it. PLUS, when you sign up your first month is free, which means one free book :D Can't go wrong with that right!


TV Shows

Currently my only obsession from September is the new Series  called Gotham. I loved the pilot SOOO much I started reviewing it! If your new here, you can see the pilot HERE and the second episode review HERE.
I love the tone and authenticity of the show. It's got some amazing potential and great diversity.


September I started and finished White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Diana Rowland. This was a GREAT book. I could barely put it down. I found it when I went looking for new books on Audible. I however didn't realize it was actually the third book in a trilogy, but you would never know. I was able to read through this book as if it was an only child.


My husband and I always watch a series, or movie each evening and for September it was Psych. It's funny as all get out. It's basically a slapstick/stupid humour cop comedy. 

I've also been re watching  Bewitched. I love watching the old shows. When I first saw this show when I was a kid, I loved it. It's more amusing now then ever before.


Ok so i admit I don't play a whole lot of games per-say but this month I got addicted to two things. One is Minecraft. I have yet to be able to play it, but I LOVE to watch streaming of players going through.
What I have been playing is called Gobtron, a "evil" mountain monster flinging boogers at the people. It's amusing AND fun.

Those are just some of my favourites from September. What are some of your favourites?