Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 6: The Spirit of The Goat

OHHHH MAN was this episode action packed!

We get to see how Harvey used to be strong willed about justice, just like his new partner Jim Gordon is. We got to meet his old partner Dick, and see the soft spot hard ol' Harvey has for him!

In this episode Harvey gets to relive an old case that haunts him. The Goat killer. Killing off the first born of the 1% of Gotham. One down with more to go when Harvey gets on the case. At the same time Montoya and Allen are still snooping and getting evidence to convict Gordon of his "foul play" from the first episode. You remember...His orders from Falcone to KILL Cobblepot. So much for that secret! (I'll let you discover that for yourself, if you haven't watched the episode yet.)

As we fast forward through the episode we see some really NICE Easter eggs. Want me to share!?... Well alright. You twisted my arm <3

* Edward Nigma's coffee Mug!? UMMM HELLO!!??? We get it, he's The Riddler. Nice of you to beat us over the head with it BWAHAHAHAHA...and his smirk...uhh... Clearly Cory Michael Smith was having a difficult time NOT laughing at this.

* When Harvey and Gordon go to visit Dick in the rest home. We see Dick has been playing cards, and the camera, ever so slyly  grazes past a Joker (TADA our Joker hint)

* Cobblepots mother yells at him through the door about a "painted lady" Possible reference to Harely Quinn!

Those were some epically awesome moments. This episode wraps up with Harvey doing some reall work and realizing HOW "The Spirit of The Goat" keeps coming back, and confronts the good Dr. Psychiatrist Dr. Mark about it. To which he is attacked for and she gets away without ever getting her hands dirty.

Already riled up Harvey is back at the station when Montoya and Allen bring Gordon in on a lovely count of MURDER! What goes down in that scene, I can't tell you! You HAVE to see it for yourself!!! It's just way WAY to much awesome!

So BRAVO to Bruno Heller and Ben Edlund (the writers of the show)....This was INCREDIBLE!!!