Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 5: Viper

This weeks episode dealt with some heavy duty suggestions. The whole episode we deal with Viper the early stages of a horrible drug we know and love to hate...VENOM. The typical good gone bad idea of a Wayne enterprises subsidiary (WellZyn) employee, that was charged with the task of making chemical warfare "weapons" decides to show his bosses why they shouldn't be doing this after begging them to stop the project. He passes the "VIPER" drug out on the street, to as many as he can.  As you see the clearly enraged takers in the police station, what amuses and gets my interest is Nigma's absolute blatantly honesty fascination with this new unknown drug. He is absolutely thrilled and intrigued watching it's process in a street girl brought in, who literally dies in mere minutes.

Bruce is starting to show more and more what a quick learner he is, and what the Bat WILL be! He starts putting two and two together realizing Wayne Enterprises is going corrupt. Now he just has to figure out where!? As always child Bruce isn't a overly large placement on the show, but it is quite nice to see how he is starting to develop those detective skills some "real" detectives have forgotten about (cough. cough. Harvey).

Cobblepot is a minor importance in this episode and only really has the plot point of finally telling Maroni who he really is! This leads to Gordon's secret being found out and now he's on everyone's pulley.

As the episode draws to a close we see that honesty is not the best policy in Gotham and it's gonna be a long time before it gets even close.

So keep your arms inside the vehicle and enjoy this crazy bumpy ride that is Gotham.