Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 4: Arkham

This episode clearly depicts the start of a new tale of woe between the Maroni and Falcone crime sects.  With the development of Arkham, and what to do with the mental institution. We are told along with Gordon that there. will. be. WAR. Cobblepot was absolutely right! What is a war really!? two opposing sides battling it out, words count...and boy did they ever. As we see the episode progress, we meet Blackwell (well an imposter Blackwell) he's killing off councilmen, and doing it.... well. graphically. He has a nice pocket sized spike contraption that looks pretty awesome if you ask me. One quick stab to the eye and boom there goes an aide. He then kills the councilman, and moves on with ease. He doesn't care which side of the spectrum your on either. Both sides are getting hit, and each boss thinks it's the other one!...Cobblepot takes this as his opportunity to climb the ranks and puts a hit on the restaurant. In the process the manager gets shot in the stomach and dies. Because Cobblepot was able to get away with a bag of money, Maroni rewards him with the managerial position in the restaurant, as it is now available.

As  the main plot is thickening, and stewing. We see bits and pieces of Fish auditioning lounge singers, and telling Butch she's looking for a "weapon". The perfect weapon. We don't know what for yet, but I'm sure it will have something to do with taking over Falcone's title, that's for sure!

Blackwell gets caught trying to kill the Mayor when Gordon figures out the code at his office desk. A huge struggle ensues and as usual the killer dies, but not before revealing that he is just a hired hitman. So this makes us wonder, if he hit both camps. Who hired him? Will we ever find out?

In conclusion of this weeks episode. As usual here's what I think there Joker "tell" is:

In the beginning of the episode Cobblepot shows up on Gordon's doorstep to offer his intell on whats going to happen. Gorden angrily/calmly walks him out of his building and they come to words. When Cobblepot starts answering him they here the loud laughs and giggles of what turns out to be three girls coming down the alley. When Gordon turns around, Cobblepot is GONE.

Let me know what you though of this episode in the comments below.