Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 2: Selina Kyle

This episode was most definitely name drop central, wasn't it!?

We saw a whole heck of a lot more of Selena Kyle "Cat" as she quite frequently requested to be called. This episode takes her into danger as a man and a woman (possible easter eggs to The Joker!?) are drugging and kidnapping street kids....for what we never find out. In the process we see Oswald Cobblepot slowly making his way back to Gotham. He hitches a ride with two rich collage kids. Another possible illusion to the joker would be how they were havin beers and laughing, then they make the mistake of telling Oswald what he truly hates to hear. They think he looks like a penguin when he walks......One kid dead from that comment, and the other one is taken for what we find out is ransom.

Bruce is starting to show the classic Batman signs of stealth, and Alfred is starting to warm up and show a more caring side, then in the original pilot episode. They both gradually seem to be becoming the Alfred and Bruce Wayne we all know and love.

As the episode clearly showed Carmine Falcone is clearly putting his foot down, and keeping an eye on Fish. She's being reminded of where her place is. We also hear a mention of the Maroni's, and a name drop is all we need to go off the deep end wondering when and where we will see them come into the picture....Fish refuses to learn her lesson, and continues to scheme with Butch using a keen ear. If you read into her and Butch's conversation, you might see a twinge of a possible snitch happening in his eye's. Will he end up turning Fish over to Falcone? I guess we shall have to see!

As the episode raps up we see Selena making an attempt to save herself from going upstate by finally admitting to Detective Gordon that she witnessed the nurder of Bruce's parents, and can help bring him in. It seems to me, that she has a genuine interest in the well being of the heir to the Wayne estate. Any guesses as to WHY!?