Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 3: The Balloon Man

He's BAAAACCKKKK....and better then ever! Oswald Cobblepot has reached Gotham and is now crazier and more conniving than ever before, and I for one LOVE IT! Although caught right out of the gate by a thug knowing who he was, he soon takes care of that problem, and we move on to bigger and better things. Like sneaky little Selina Kyle and how her "help" always seems to help herself as well. She proves to Gordon that she was there in the alley the night of the Wayne's murder, by sending him down to the sewer where she dropped the wallet of the guy she mugged that very night. Not trusting a street kid like her, he handcuffs her to a railing. While down there she unhand-cuffs herself and gets away, by using a pen she stole from Bullock's desk. She disappears and we move on to getting into the true point of today's episode. The Balloon Man. Killing Gotham's corrupt by weather balloon. Leading to the same old adage of what goes up must come down...... a frozen popsicle. As the case gets evidence and bodies helping them solve the crime. We finally get to meet Maroni, and I still can't believe who it is David Zaya's! this man is amazing at the role he's playing. He is absolutely 100% truly convincing. You originally know him from Dexter, playing Angel Batista. A detective, a cop, a good guy. What an epic change from good to bad. Who would have ever thought! So we meet Maroni while Oswald Cobblepot is working in his restaurant, he seems to take a liking to “Paolo" as cobblepot has named himself for now. What a coincidence, good Lil momma loving Italian boy. This is how you get on the good side of Maroni. Now as usual the "bad guy" is always caught. This time it's a guy trying to be a vigilante.Trying to rid the streets of corruption...So many possibilities on his targets in Gotham though. But as usual, they find him. Bullach tries to kill him and Gordon save's the dudes life!
Now as for character development, I am absolutely thrilled at how Alfred is softening and working hard to get Bruce to the bat we all know and love. It's clear in this episode Bruce already knows, that it doesn't matter if your trying to do the right thing, killing ANYONE is BAD, and makes you no better than the corrupt.

As usual the plot is fitted, and the charactor development is on point.  As for the potential Joker siting, I have racked my brain and rewatched the episode. The only person I can think of is "The Balloon Man". It would be fitting, and work quite well. 


Let me leave you hear with an awesome final scene. Oswald Cobblepot showed up on Gordon's door step...WHAT!??? WOW! Didn't see that coming yet!

Let me know in the comments below, if you think someone else could be the Joker from this episode!