Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting Your Geek On, On A Low Income Budget

Money`s tight these days. Everything is going up (especially if your Canadian) except the paycheck. So what`s a poor geek guy and girl to do!?


I'm going to show you a few tips I have learned on how to get your geek on, on a tight to extremely tight budget!

First and foremost, I make extra side money doing surveys. one of which pays for our theater tickets all year round. Others I get various things, from Paypal cash (and real in the mail kinda cash) to Amazon gift cards. Allowing me to save for a con, something fun I want, or know, just save it!

My biggest find to date though has been SWAGBUCKS. It's so great! For just a few minutes per day I can get $25 in Amazon giftcards and more awesome stuff. There are so many options. My personal belief is something is better than nothing. With all this being said, I'm watching movies as they come out in theatre's for MAXIMUM $3-5 (covers the 3D and or ULTRA AVX)

PLUS at the same time I'm also getting SCENE points (Canada only I believe) which allow me to get even MORE free movies.

But if you really wanna spend some money. Your best bet is to get a subscription to something like LOOTCRATE or NERDBLOCK ....I would even consider KAWAII MONTHLY! These will run you about $20-$30 depending on where your from (cheaper if you're American)....and if you think about can use paypal cash you got from your surveys to cover it potentially. So looking back at this. There is SOOO many ways to go geek for FREE!!

Of course these obviously aren't ALL the ways but just some of the ways to get new favourite fandoms for little to nothing. 

Why go for broke, when you can go for FREE