Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Tuesday - Super Star (Power UP) Stuftie

This month's DIY Tuesday will be Super Mario Stuftie CENTRAL. 

Fill your bed, couch or chair with these awesome little stuftie's <3. They would also make great Christmas/Holiday gifts for those of you choosing the handmade way as well.
To start out, you want to print a rounded star shape off on your computer trying to make it as big as possible to 81/2 x 11. This will give you the shape of the Super Mario star, as well as the eyes and the little white pupil.
Once you have your pattern printed and cut out. You're going to want to either pin it or weigh it down on the felt fabric. The star-shape goes on the two pieces of yellow fabric. The long oblong shape goes on the black, and the little oval goes on the white. You will need two copies of every pattern piece . This will give you two eyes, two pupils and the front and back of the superstar.

Once you have your pattern pinned or weighted down you're going to want to cut it out, and set them aside. Now in this instance I prefer to hand sew. You can use is sewing machine if you choose. Also give your yellow star a 1/2" border when cutting out, this will give you sewing room without making you star smaller.

Your first step is to take one white pupil and 1 black eye. Sew the pupil on to the black eye shape at one end of the eye, making sure there is a little bit of edge on three sides. I choose to sew it in a looping motion. This causes the felt to look like it's been stabbed into place as if you were actually felting. Do this for both eyes.

Now that you're eyes are finished. You now need to affix them to the top middle of 1 of the pieces of your superstar. Use the same stitch that you did affixing the pupil to the eye.

Now that your superstar has a face, pin the front facing inside and sew front to back. When sewing the front to the back, make sure you leave about four fingers width of space so that you can stuff your superstar.

Slip your little guy inside out, or rather right side out. Poke out the stars points and start stuffing him.

Once your superstar is stuffed as much as you like sew him up. Sew that baby up, and you've got yourself a new stuftie

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and let me know if you make it I'd love to see it.